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It seems as though a day doesn’t pass that we don’t hear about Chinese imports destroying the infrastructure of our manufacturing base here in the United States.  Nowhere is that threat more dangerous than the curtain wall industry.  As you can see from the timeline below, the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry faced the same challenge back in 2009-2010. Within nine months, the Chinese captured 20% of that market.  These trade orders have been saving the industry, including the curtain wall extrusions.  While the Chinese continue to argue that curtain wall units should be excluded from our orders, one group, the Curtain Wall Coalition (CWC) stood up and said, ‘NO!’.  They prevailed in that argument. However, the Chinese have appealed this case and now have a judge that has forced the Department of Commerce to go back and change their interpretation of the scope of our case.  As a result, a new hearing will be held, and quite likely another appeal to follow.  The Chinese are uniquely poised to capture the curtain wall market.  While the Chinese have focused on the West Coast, the rest of the country is NOT immune to this threat.  If curtain wall extrusions are not subject to the 106% tariffs carried by our orders, they will simply overrun domestic production. 

We Must Prevail.

Now is the Time for the Curtain Wall Community
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We need resources.  We need your help.  Tell us about what you are seeing in the market from Chinese extruders. Help support our effort with a donation. Help us, help you, save your industry!

Imports of Chinese aluminum are currently posting a threat to the U.S. aluminum extrusion industry and potentially your business. Therefore, this is a crucial time in which to remedy this threat.

Since 2011
The U.S. Government imposed trade tariffs on imports of Chinese aluminum extrusions, including the aluminum extrusions contained in curtain wall units, protecting U.S. manufacturers from predatory Chinese imports.
In 2012
A group of three northern California curtain wall producers (Walters & Wolf, AGA, and Bagatelos) filed a petition with the U.S. Commerce Department, asking Commerce to clarify that the aluminum in imported curtain wall units is covered by the unfair trade tariffs on aluminum extrusions from China. The trade tariffs, explicity cover "parts of curtain walls," clarifying the reason to deter unfair Chinese trade practices.
February 2016
Initially, the Commerce Department ruled in favor of the U.S. aluminum extrusion trade orders. Now a Federal judge has ordered Commerce to reconsider its decision that unitized curtain wall units are covered in the aluminum extrusion trade tariff orders.
May 2016
In response to an order from the judge, the Commerce Department filed a "revised" decision with the Federal court, finding "under protest" that certain curtain wall units were not covered by the trade tariffs. Though Commerce yielded to the judge, doing so "under protest" allows Commerce to appeal to the higher court.
June 2016
These three California curtain wall producers filed a brief with the Court, arguing that Commerce was wrong to exempt these curtain wall units from the tariffs, even if Commerce did so under protest and in response to the judge's order. All sides are now awaiting the judge's final decision.
Let's prevail in the current litigation. The tariffs on unfairly traded aluminum extrusions explicitly cover "parts of curtain walls." Commerce has ruled multiple times that the tariffs cover curtain wall units and the Court of Appeals, the higher court, ruled that the tariffs cover curtain wall units. Winning may require a second hearing before the court of appeals, a hearing in which we are opposed by three law firms and their Chinese company clients.

Simply, we stand up to prevent China from hacking jobs that affect your business. Let's take action to prevent undercut prices that can potentially drive out competition.
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