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As curtain wall manufacturers and suppliers to extruders, we gain a stronger voice and greater resource as a team to ensure our best possible defense for diverse trade in aluminum. As legal battles have been financed by just a few participants (The Court of International Trade affirmed Commerce's decision in early 2014 and the Court of Appeals affirmed Commerce's decision in early 2015.) More still needs to be done to ensure a solid defense. Let us work together towards an international aluminum market for all business.

Contact your legislators and tell them ‘NO’ we will not stand by while our industry is being threatened by the illegal and unfair trade practices of the Chinese aluminum industry.
Send us anecdotes from the field:  Chinese quotes, rumors of 5xxx-series alloy being substituted, or any other reports that will help.
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We will win this fight in the courtroom, but we need the resources in place to secure our future.

Support the Curtain Wall Coalition to help secure the future of a diverse curtain wall industry. Demand your voice in the aluminum industry to be heard. Contact us at:  info@curtainwallcoalition.org .  

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